You will be sent the full version code when you apply, please make sure you add the code right after you join. It's much easier this way. If you don't have the code up within a week you will be removed and then you will have to reapply.

When installed the code should look like this

? True to Myself #

If you copy the code from here remember and change the site id number! You would not believe how many people forget to do this. Make sure you change ***SITE ID*** to your site id number, that you get when you join the ring, in the first email. eg your site id might be "20" etc

<a href=";id=***SITE ID***;action=prev"></a>
<a href=";action=rand">?</a>
<a href=";action=home">True to myself</a>
<a href=";action=list">#</a>
<a href=";id=***SITE ID***;action=next"></a>