"True to Myself" was formed years ago by the artist formerly known as Tristanna, now known as Lunarra. Submissions were closed in August of 2001 and in March of 2002 Lunarra handed her ring over to D. D had the ring hosted at fragilemind.net thanks to Della, Now D can be found at theartistd. Almost exactly a year later in February 2003 D handed the ring over to Daniel. D redesigned the ring and moved it to his previous domain, BurningOrbit. Daniel now runs the ring. In 2004, the ring moved here to urbandistinction. Hopefully it will be here for while :) If you have previously joined and you're reading this site, previous owners changed the "ring home" code from the default and you may need to update your ring code to reflect the website's move. Please see the webring members notice on the frontpage for more.

If you have problems with the site or the ring you can email Daniel at true@urbandistinction.co.uk or AIM to DANielJUK.