Existing Ring Members

This webring has gone through 3 ring owners. The ring was started by Tristanna in 2001 and then taken over by the lovely D and is now owned and run by me, Daniel. The list was passed on when people felt they no longer could give it 100% and had no time for it anymore.

It also has been in many different locations and domains. It's now here hopefully for a while, in this place. There is more about the history of the ring in the "contact" section

One of the things I have started doing as ring owner/admin/leader whatever you wanna call it, is going through every member site in the list. I have removed all the dead sites and sites with no code that I have come across. I am about halfway done so far. The once massive ring of about 250+ websites is getting smaller and smaller :( Fortunately this is still a popular webring and new people join all the time. The whole idea of a webring is a circle of sites, and you should be able to go around all of them and back!

If you are a existing member and have come across this ring site, could you please do these 3 things for me, it would make my life so much easier!....

1/ Make sure your code is current and correct. It should look like this...
? True to Myself #

unless you have personalised it for your website. Please make sure your personal site id is on the << and >> and not ***site id***

2/ Unfortunately going through all these changes, somewhere along the way someone changed the middle link that goes to the ring homepage. It should have never been changed to the actual ring homepage, and should have remained a forwarding ringsurf link that always points to the correct place. You may have a middle "home" link that points to fragilemind or burningorbit or even the original site at mytristessa.net. These sites are now all dead and the ring is no longer hosted on them. If you have the original home links, please could you change it to...

<a href="http://www.ringsurf.com/netring?ring=true;action=home">True to myself</a>

which is what it should be! Nothing else has changed. The full current code is listed on the code page :)

3/ Please put the ring code somewhere accessible. eg a visitor goes to your main index page, and then there is a link somewhere around to the webring section. Please have it linked from the main entrance to your site. The whole idea of a webring, is a ring of sites remember :)

Going through all the old sites continues, and I have been careful going through them. Only sites that are totally dead or gone, or have no code anyway to be found, have been removed! If I have removed you by accident, or you have a new site etc, you are welcome to rejoin! I just want to give this list a bit of a overhaul and just have current sites :)

Thanks, if your site has all these things, it will really be a help for me! We do still have some original working ring sites from 2001 still in the ring :)