+ Have the html code somewhere on your page where I can easily find it! You will be sent the full version code when you apply, please add it right away. If the code is not added within a week you will be deleted from the ring.

+ Have content of an expressive nature that expresses who you are. For example it could contain artwork, journal, poetry, writing or you could talk about your sex life ...its quite simple if it expresses you. Just show who you are, your attitude. "Like it or leave it, this is who I am and I'm being true to myself."

+ Once your site is in the ring a few important things should be maintained. Always keep the code up. If you move your site please log in and change the appropriate information. If we check your site and do not find the code you will most likely be deleted from the ring. There is no reason for you to be reminded to keep your code up, it's not that hard.

++ Don'ts

+ No porn. Obviously art isn't included under porn, there's nothing wrong with artistic nakedness. Porn is porn though, there are better places for that than here.

+ Font must be legible in it's colour and size, navigation which is complicated must at least be explained somewhere. Everyone's style is different. I'm a rather intelligent person, but if I can't understand it then I don't care.

+ No obvious broken links laying around everywhere.

+ No hate pages as in nasty pages aimed at people of a particular sexual orientation, race, gender, or religion.